Monday, 14 April 2014

7 things you may find common in Baby Bhutto and a typical Bollywood movie

It has been quite some time since Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, our "Billo" trying to rejuvenate Pakistan People's Party (PPP) with (wannabe) fiery and bold tweets. He also attends public gathering and held a huge "cultural" festival to preserve the culture of Sindh, which turned out be nothing but a political stunt to launch himself. There are few occasional speeches in public gathering and some political events from time to time; however his favorite battlefield is still Twitter.

At times, I find his tweets rather amusing and it gives me a sense of observing a typical Bollywood movie which involves a lot of false emotions, fake action stunt and a lack of common sense. He should realize that he is about to become the chairman of an old party. I think he is surrounded with too much uncle and aunties at this time and once he get rids of these advisers and learn to swim alone like her mother, he may become a good politician. We still have to wait and see. So, in the meanwhile enjoy these 7 traits of our billo and do let me know whether these observations are valid or not.

1. Typical and traditional (female) “Siyapa” style on current affairs either on Twitter or in public speeches. Just like heroines who has been molested by village's chief.

2. Emulating a lion Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto (ZAB) when everybody knows that you are a dog’s son Asif Ali Zardari (AAZ). Just like Indian movie hero who yells a lot but can't do a thing about wrong deeds happening in the movie.

3. Thinks you are important, but people only notice you when you get caught in the middle of a twitter fight. Just like the movies where hero moves around with a swagger, however he didn't realizes that he is looking stupid.

4. Create events (Sindh Festival) just like unnecessary and unwanted item songs.

5. A Hero (yet to see it come true in real life) surrounded by useless friends (advisers) who are not worthy of getting anywhere else in the movie (life) if not a hero’s friend (Faryal Talpur and Owais Tappi in this case).

6. Bitching about the current situation, wasted the last 5 years when you had the chance to change it. Just like a movie where Hero wastes time around the heroine while village chief plunders and burns his house to the ground.

7. Always waste energies in useless things, just like a hero in the movie who waste his energy in dance, romance, and fight while his family needs him to do some job. We have seen him visiting hospitals and relief camps during recent Thar drought. While he should have shown some vision by ordering preventive measures which would prevent these events in the future.

Note: It is just a piece of satire, and no offence intended.